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Breaking bad habits and making permanent changes to your health and wellness is hard work, but you can do it. We’ve seen it happen. Project Fit has been offering life-changing health and wellness services in Lake Charles, Louisiana since 2006. We’ve helped others, and we’re here to help you take control of your health and fitness once and for all. Call us to learn more about our customized personal training specific to you!


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4 benefits

Your motivations may be different than someone else’s. You may also respond better to coaching when it’s delivered in a certain way. When it comes to personal training for your health and wellness in and around the Lake Charles, Louisiana area, Project Fit has found the perfect solution.

We offer a variety of trainers to help you reach your physical fitness goals. Each has their own style and specialty, so we’re sure to have the perfect match for you. When you choose to work with a wellness coach, you’ll receive:

Fitness programming specific to your goals

Fitness programming specific to your goals

Motivation and accountability

Motivation and accountability

Nutrition guidance and suggestions

Nutrition guidance and suggestions

Guidance for safe, efficient and effective workouts

Guidance for safe, efficient and effective workouts

Regardless of how you like to train

we have the perfect physical fitness resources for you

Individual and small group training

A variety of membership packages

Fun challenges to keep you going

24/7 gym access for members

Specialized personal trainers

Treadmill and spin classes

Multiple styles of yoga

BarreFlow classes

Are you frustrated with your health and fitness?
Are you sick of the ups and downs of weight loss and physical fitness?
Are you ready to permanently improve your health and wellness?

Project Fit’s health and wellness programs in Lake Charles, Louisiana are designed to help you take control of your physical fitness and end the frustration. We help you get results by:

Focusing on your specific fitness goals in our small group and individual classes
Pairing you with the perfect trainer who knows how to help you get results
Providing a variety of fun classes to help you have fun and stay motivated
Offering 24/7 access to our gym so you can work out when it fits your schedule

Reach out to us today so we can create your perfect health and wellness solution.

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Improve your health, your wellness and your life. End the frustration by getting started today.

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