I love this place!!! Allie is amazing and she is a true blessing!!! Thank you for pushing my limits and helping me feel strong in every way!!!!

Jaime C.

I attend the spin sessions. Both of the trainers, Allie and Kendra have different styles but lead very challenging sessions. I workout to improve my road cycling. Recently I set a PR with a 52-mile ride averaging 17 mph. Since Dec I have lost 15lbs and 2 inches in the waist. This is a great gym.

John J.

Project Fit isn't a project, it's a testimonial "presentation" to prove that one's physical and mental boundaries are limitless all while being surrounded by the utmost encouragement and support of friends and family. Project Fit allows people of all levels and ages to continually develop what most consider difficult to achieve: Health, Happiness, and Handsomeness.

Jared S.

Marlon F.

It's more than a gym, it's like working hard with family! The feeling of completion is what keeps you coming back!

Romona B.

I joined Project Fit for "21 days" in December with a friend. I initially thought I would complete these days and then go back to my old gym. Was I ever wrong! The staff was so welcoming. I work with a trainer and these workouts have impacted my life in a very positive manner. I'm so thankful for that friend and those 21 days! Can't wait to see my future at #projectfit

Evette G.

I joined Project Fit in June of 2018... despite another gym membership that my husband's company paid for... I knew I wanted to be in better shape and healthier for my upcoming 60th birthday... I walked in... met and talked with Allie... showed up for boot camp the next day and WHOA what was I thinking... I couldn't do most of the exercises but didn't give up.... Next I tried the early AM HIIT class and the 5:15am spin class... a staff member suggested I get with personal trainer so I signed up with Ben B... now 10 months later, I am in the best physical shape of my life!! Exercises I thought impossible are now a part of my regular workout! Project Fit feels like home... It is the BEST gym atmosphere I've ever been in... Allie and her staff are so helpful & encouraging... I will forever be grateful to my personal trainer, Ben, for helping me be a stronger, more energetic and healthier ME:) #gettingaddictedtospinning #projectfitforlife #ilokforwardtoexercisingnow

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