Good Eats Kitchen is a Lafayette based chef-driven, prepared meals service that provides a local alternative to fast food and healthful eating. We take a high-quality of ingredient approach to prepared foods. GEK is here to enrich your quality of life by offering a wide variety of ready-to-heat meals for any palate or lifestyle.

Good Eats Kitchen started by cooking for family and friends, then expanded our services to delivering home cooked, healthful meals to hospital employees, law offices, teachers’ lounges and more. We are reinventing the fast food concept with better and more convenient choices for the busy, health-conscious parent, professional or student who wants to get more out of life. 

Good Eats Kitchen will deliver to Project Fit twice a week! Order your Fit Food today! When ordering your chef prepared and healthy meal from Good Eats Kitchen be sure to specify Project Fit as your pickup location! Be sure to order by 6pm on Friday for a Monday delivery and then order by 6pm on Monday for a Wednesday delivery!

Call 337-564-6967 or Text 337-274-7988

HOURS: Mon: (Staff Hours) 7 AM - 1 PM & 4 PM - 7 PM | Tue: (Staff Hours) 7 AM - 1 PM & 4 PM - 7 PM
Wed: (Staff Hours) 7 AM - 1 PM & 4 PM - 7 PM | Thu: (Staff Hours) 7 AM - 1 PM & 4 PM - 7 PM
Fri: (Staff Hours) 7 AM - 1 PM | Sat: (Staff Hours) 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM | Sun: Unstaffed