I have been a sports enthusiast for as long as I can remember! I believe that being fit in body will make you fit in mind. Back in 2006, I realized that the hours I had spent “pounding the pavement” while listening to the theme from Rocky, the millions of steps I had taken on the stair climber while listening to Eminem and the zillions of I had exhausted while spinning to Michael Jackson, had actually given me the strength and courage I needed to set my deepest destiny and purpose in motion. The same drive and dedication practiced in my work-outs eventually spilled over into my professional life and has allowed me to turn my passion for exercise, music and people into a successful gym! Setting and reaching new fitness goals and helping others to achieve their own has given me confidence and purpose in my life. My goal as a trainer is to help my clients discover their own untapped potential by encouraging them to surpass their perceived physical limitations and to help them realize how being physically fit will empower their lives.


Between Physical Therapy and Personal Training I have over 12 years of experience working in Health and Fitness. While I have experience working with almost any type of client, I specialize in working with clients over 50 years old who understood that a well designed fitness routine is essential to their quality of life.

I believe that for long term health training time must be appropriately balanced between three key areas: Mobility, Strength Training, and Cardiovascular Exercise. My clients do not workout simply to burn calories, but to improve mobility, strength, and endurance.

Most adults have some sort of pain or movement restrictions that make certain types of exercise less than ideal. Trying to follow an exercise plan that is not built around your personal needs usually leads to pain and frustration. That is why it is so important to work with an experienced trainer like myself who understands how to find the exercises that work well for your body.


My name is Bri Lovett. I’m a retired collegiate soccer player and a graduate student at McNeese. I have plenty of experience in rehab facilities and have taught exercise classes at McNeese. My goal is to show others how to get excited about meeting their fitness expectations. I have recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Health and Human Performance, and next December I will be graduating with my Masters in Exercise Physiology. I enjoy challenging clients to achieve what they didn’t know they could. Currently, I teach Corefusion on Tuesday evenings, and I am taking clients who are looking for challenging workouts that will positively impact their confidence and mentality.


My name is Erin Clanton. I am a busy mother of 3 children, a previous school teacher, a fitness instructor and wife to Owen. I have a passion for health and fitness and am a teacher by nature. I have been a part of the Project Fit family as an instructor since the doors opened on 7th and Common in January 2010. I lead SpinZone classes, Core Fusion classes, Functional fitness classes, and 30/30 combo classes. I also provide small group personal training classes and one-on-one training. My desire is to help others learn to love fitness and make it a part of their day to day life.

Personal Trainer certified – W.I.T.S and Fitour  |  Small Group Training certified – Fitour  |  Spin certified – Fitour  |  CPR certified – American Red Cross

My times are very limited, but feel free to contact me to see if our schedules will work out. Contact me by phone at 337-515-1861 or email at

“No one lands on top of the mountain, you have to climb their first!”


My name is Ondrea Clement. I have been teaching yoga for seven years. I received my yoga certification in Sedona Arizona at the 7 Centers for Arts Yoga. My specialty is power yoga with expertise in proper alignment. I enjoy teaching private lessons as well as large classes. I am also certified in Barre. I have taught Barre at ProjectFit for several years.


My name is Cedric Duncan. I have been a Personal trainer for 13 years. I got into the fitness industry because I enjoy volunteering and helping people in any way possible. My specialty is TRX training and fitness Bootcamps. I train all ages and all fitness levels.


Hi! My name is Kylie, and I’m a FiTour Certified Personal Trainer of over three years. I’ve always enjoyed working out and setting new goals, but program and nutrition changes became necessary after having my second child. Over time, I’ve learned to make personalized fitness and nutrition regiments that people actually enjoy and can stick with. My clientele ranges from people who have just started working out for the first time, to moms who want to get their pre-baby bodies back. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with athletic clients, and even the elderly. I truly enjoy combining my passion for fitness with my love of connecting with and helping people! I love helping clients discover that they can do anything with hard work, perseverance, and consistency.

*Now accepting mid-morning and evening clients! (First session is FREE!)


My name is Katie! I am health enthusiast and Graduate of McNeese State University with a Bachelors of Science in Health Promotion. Prior to being on the Project Fit team, I utilized my degree through cooperate wellness as a health coach. I now have been at Project Fit for over a year working one on ones/small groups with men, women, children, teens, senior citizens and athletes.I strive to achieve over all wellness with my clients as well as work towards any specific goals they may have. I am by no means a “cookie cutter” trainer and I offer programs that will challenge you mentally and physically in order to see results!


My name is Bre Miller. I have a degree in exercise science, 7+ years of experience in personal training, and my newest role is a mom and wife! My passion is helping women learn to prioritize themselves and find sustainable lifestyle habits to feel great while achieving the body they desire. Small group training is my expertise, I love the energy level of others getting fit together and encouraging one another. Whether you work full time, a stay at home mom, beginner, or an exercise fanatic looking for variety I am confident I have a group that would fit your needs. Along with workouts you will look forward to I will show you how to exercise more efficiently, fuel your body and enhance your life. When you exercise efficiently and nourish your body with the right nutrition and you’ll find that your body will thrive and you’ll achieve that lean physique you desire while truly living life without deprivation. I’m excited to show you how!


Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a certified personal trainer and spin instructor. I specialize in individual and small group training. I have always been an avid runner, but I stopped running during my second pregnancy and, consequently I gained 60 pounds! That is when my real fitness journey began. I started to incorporate weight lifting into my routine and instantly noticed a positive change in my physique. Now I enjoy inspiring other people to live a healthier life-style. Through my years of personal training, I have learned that the same dedication and work ethic used in the gym can be applied to every aspect of your life. Never give up!In addition, along with athletic training, I also have experience in weight loss, Cardiovascular training, and footwork training etc. I am looking forward to being a part of your life transformation!


As a former US Army Ranger, I found my love for fitness in Afghanistan. It was there that I realized that my fitness level could potentially save my fellow soldiers lives if the situation came about, and from there it took off. Since I have returned, I have obtained numerous certifications, and trained all walks of life, from youth athletes, to senior citizens. I believe that your health shouldn’t be a limiting factor in your life. Specializing in sports performance, high intense interval training, and special populations, I can definitely get you to your ideal health at combat speed.


My name is Jace LeDoux I’m currently studying kinesiology and sports psychology. I specialize in powerlifting/weightlifting to build muscle mass and shred fat.


Hi my name is Paul Ornelas, I am 23, and I am from Santa Barbara, California. Prior to joining Project Fit, I was personal training at Superior Fitness Center in California and specialized in circuit training, and weightlifting. I also trained at Paragon Academy, where I learned to box and spar with professional and amateur boxers and kick boxers. I bring to Project Fit a wealth of knowledge from previous experiences. Everything that I teach my clients Is useful to their health and stamina. I am also an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard!


Sports and exercise have always been a huge part of my life. In May 2017, having just turned 50, and feeling unmotivated and unhappy with the way things were going in my life, I made the decision to hire a personal trainer at Project Fit. I committed to working out almost daily and making healthier food choices. I lost 40 pounds within 7 months, and look and feel better than I ever have. I have gone from the “Poster Child” of Project Fit to a Personal Trainer!! I have made a total positive lifestyle change, and would love to help you with your fitness goals. I am currently working on my ACE Certification in Personal Training. I have a degree in Health & Physical Education from McNeese. Specializing in clients with physical limitations and Special Needs.

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